April 15 Deadline Reminder

April 14th, 2021

Although the IRS and many state and local jurisdictions have extended the 2020 Individual tax filing deadline to May 17, 2021, there are a handful of tax filings and payments that still adhere to the original April 15th deadline.

The tax filings that are still due this Thursday include corporation, gift, and trust filings as well as 1st quarter 2021 estimated tax payments. As with typical tax years, extension requests can be submitted to extend the due dates of corporate, gift and trust tax filings. 1st quarter estimated payments should be made, if required, by April 15th.

For current clients: 

As we have transitioned most tax deliverables to the Client Axcess Portal, please ensure that you have reviewed the “Filing Instructions” for any documents that have been added to your portal. These files contain all relevant information for tax payments or filings that should be submitted by April 15th.

Your online portal can be accessed here.

Feel free to reach out directly to your Siegfried Advisory contact if you have any questions on the above information. Thank you!

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